Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is not always the solution. The attorneys at Gregory K. Stern, P.C. take time to listen to your situation and provide you with your options.  Since 1983, our attorneys have helped thousands of individuals and corporations resolve their financial difficulties.

What is Bankruptcy and Why Explore Alternatives to Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy allows individuals and businesses gain a fresh start by having their debts discharged or restructures. Most people can file bankruptcy, however, you may be ineligible based on assets, transfer, prior bankruptcy filings, or having a household income above the medium income based on the Internal Revenue Service guidelines (the “Means Test”).  Other times, individuals and businesses choose to not file bankruptcy for personal reasons.  There are alternatives to explore including debt settlement, business and corporate wind-down, defense litigation, debt negotiation and restructuring, and more.  Call our attorneys at Gregory K. Stern, P.C. to discuss your options.

Alternatives to Filing Bankruptcy

  • Debt settlement
  • Business and corporate wind-down
  • Defense litigation
  • Debt negotiation and restructuring
  • Asset Protection
  • Do Nothing

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